To provide an opportunity for youth in the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District, Hadley, Sunderland, Belchertown and surrounding communities to play organized hockey. To instill a sense of honesty, courage, and respect in our youth, as well as teach t

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Team reps (or managers) are the link between the team and Amherst Hockey Association (AHA). While coaches are there for the players, team reps are there to support the coaches and parents.

All team reps need to have a CORI check, a USA hockey # and be Safesport certified. There is no cost for any of these.

  • CORI/Background check: Visit and click on the blue bar to register.

  • USA HOCKEY #: Register as an “Ice Manager/Volunteer” on the USA Hockey website. Once completed, please email so the system can be updated.
  • SAFESPORT: Follow instructions to complete the training at You will need a USA Hockey #. A certificate of completion can be printed at the end of the module. For further assistance, contact SafeSport Coordinator, Tom St Laurent at .

Every head coach is different so it is important to develop a mutual understanding on division of labor (there are some duties coaches prefer to handle on their own) but the below are the main activities of team reps.

Communicate AHA News

Share information with the team about upcoming events and/or AHA information in whatever way is easiest: e-mail, phone calls, chat at the rink, etc. The important thing to remember is that communication is key.

Team Pictures

Each season, AHA hosts a team picture night at the Mullins Community Rink. in early November. Team reps are responsible for sharing details about this event with the team,  providing each family with a photo order form and making sure that all players and coaches are ready to take the team photo at the allotted time.  Typically, this event takes place on a Thursday evening and runs on a tight schedule.  LTS/LTP and Girls In-house picture day will be held on a Saturday in early December.

Paying Referee/Timekeeper Fees at Games

At each game, teams need to pay their half of the referees' and timekeeper fee. Team reps are provided with a lump sum of money to do this by the AHA treasurer. Exact change is needed for each amount - the money can be put in envelopes or paper-clipped together. Please be advised that a standard GSL game and an independent game have different fee structures. Also there is a single game fee up charge.

Fee Schedule for GSL Games (per team)


60 Minute Game

80 Minute Game

Timekeeper (8U-18U)



Referees (8U)



Referees (10U)



Referees (12U)



Referees (14U)



*** Any single games will have a $3.00 per official surcharge***

*** Independent games require payment of the full cost of officials and timekeepers
payment will be double the amounts above.***

8U teams need to provide a timekeeper for each game (instructions for using the clock for 8U games at the Mullins Center).

In case there is no timekeeper, here are instructions for using the clock.


Roster Stickers and Game Sheet at Home Games

Team reps are responsible for roster stickers. The Home team is responsible for the game sheet.

Team Participation in Tournaments

Coaches may ask team reps to help research tournaments for the team and help with registration. Team reps usually coordinate logistics, for example: hotel accommodations, off ice activities and team meals.

Organizing Team Activities

Each team and coach likes to handle holiday/end-of-season/other team activities differently but team reps may be asked to help.  This is aside from the AHA end-of-season banquet (below).

End-of-season banquet

AHA hosts a special end-of-season banquet to celebrate the season. Team reps need to remind families to buy tickets and are responsible for a team basket that will be raffled off at the event. Also, if team reps will be asked to provide photos to be shared at the banquet - you can upload photos here

Help Recruit Volunteers

The AHA is a non-profit organization that relies on parent and community volunteers. Additional volunteers are needed throughout the season for tournaments and community events. Team reps will be asked to help spread the word when volunteers are needed and encourage team families to help.

We operate a coffee table at Amherst College hockey games that we ask families to staff. Every time a family works the coffee table, $25.00 will be deducted from the skater’s remaining registration balance.  We use for all volunteer needs, so be on the lookout for those emails.

For any questions, contact VP of Association Activities, Michelle Kendall at .