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Lake Placid Tournament - Schedule / Rules / General Information
by posted 02/06/2020

Hi Everyone - tournament information has arrived.  Please see message below.  In the schedule you will see that our first game is Thursday at 1:30PM at the USA rink.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Jeff


** Please take a few minutes to read all of the info below. **


Coach / Team Contact,

Attached please find the upcoming tournament schedule, rules and directions to the Saranac Lake Arena (if your team plays there).  This year we have 59 teams and 124 games scheduled with all teams getting 1 game on the famous “Miracle on Ice” 1980 Rink (not including the Mite Jamboree on Saturday).  It should be a busy and exciting weekend. 


Please read through the information below regarding the tournament:

  • Up on the mezzanine level of the 1980 rink will be the souvenir sales, photography sales, raffle baskets and much more.  Please encourage your parents to stop by and check it out.  The souvenir company is scheduled to be there selling shirts, pants, hats, etc. all day on Saturday and Sunday during the tournament. 
  • You should have already received an email from Heather DeForest asking for your team rosters with jerseys numbers.  Please submit that info to her ASAP if you have not done so already so it can be included in the tournament program as that deadline is quickly approaching.
  • As previously mentioned – the arena (not our youth organization as we do not own the rink) charges a gate fee.  There is no charge for players. The details of this are listed on our website below. 
  • Pins – It is not mandatory to bring pins to exchange but if you association has them it is always a nice gesture and the kids usually enjoy collecting different pins.
  • Locker room assignments will be posted in each of the 3 rinks at the Olympic Center and at the Saranac Lake Arena.  Before each game you will find your locker room assignment in the rink your team is playing in.
  • All teams should be paid in full by now.
  • Our schedule and results will be posted online on our tournament website (  In an effort to avoid any confusion we will not have the schedule online until the day the tournament starts.  To view the schedule online you need to select the proper level and division.  In past years this has led to some confusion as people thought their schedule may have changed, especially for those associations that send multiple teams and are just looking for their generic team name.  Please share the attached schedule with the families on your team.  This is the schedule you should follow unless you hear something different from me.
  • Although everyone will be in Lake Placid for a hockey tournament please get out and explore / enjoy all that Lake Placid, Saranac Lake and the surrounding area has to offer.  If you need ideas of things to do check out or stop by Tournament Headquarters and one of our volunteers will gladly give you some suggestions.  The hotel front desk staff are also great sources of information.
  • Lastly, during your stay Lake Placid will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1980 XIII Olympic Winter Games that were held from February 13-24th, 1980.  For detailed information see the following link - but some highlights include meeting former medalists and athletes, evening activities, fireworks at the Ski Jumps and much more…




1. All Games will be 3 – 12 minute stop time periods with a 3-minute warm-up. Excluding cross-ice Mite Jamboree which will be governed by a separate set of rules.

2. Penalties will be 2-minute minors, 5-minute majors and 10-minute misconducts. Players are NOT allowed to leave the penalty box between periods. Any player that receives a fighting major will receive a game misconduct and expulsion for the remainder of the tournament.

3. If at any time going into or during the 3rd period the lead is 6 or more goals the time will go to running time for the remainder of the game regardless of score changes and will only stop for injuries.

4. There are no time-outs allowed during the round robin games. During the Championship game only, each team will be allowed one 30-second time-out during regulation play. There will be no time-outs allowed in overtime.

5. Teams will receive 2-points for a win, 1-point for a tie and 0-points for a loss. There will be no overtime until the semi-finals and finals.

6. Home team will wear light colored jerseys and visitors will wear dark jerseys except when a team only has one color in which case they must let the other team know as soon as they arrive for the game. Failure to notify the other team will result in the team wearing vests and getting a delay of game minor penalty to start the game.

7. All teams should be on the bench and ready to take the ice immediately upon the Zamboni leaving the ice. The warm-up time will start when the Zamboni doors close. (The exception to this is when the tournament photographer is taking team pictures on the 1980 rink at which time the warm-up time will start 1-minute after the last picture is taken.)

8. Teams must be ready to take the ice 15 minutes ahead of schedule. If the tournament is running ahead of schedule and a team is not on the ice at the end of warm-up they will start the game with a minor penalty for delay of game.

9. USA Hockey rules will govern play except where they differ from the above.

10. Absolutely no roster changes from the submitted tournament and USA Rosters can be accepted without consent from tournament officials. If an accepted roster modification is allowed a proper USA roster must be resubmitted.

Tiebreak Procedure

1. Head-to-Head (2 teams only)

2. Most wins

3. Least goals against in all games

4. Goal Differential (maximum spread per game is 7 goals. Ex. 10-1 score = +7/-7 for respective teams)

5. Fewest penalty minutes (game misconducts count as 30 minutes)

6. Quickest goal scored in the tournament

7. Coin flip

(If a 3-team tie occurs and the above procedure is used you must go straight down the criteria and not return to the top at anytime)

Overtime Procedure

1. 1st overtime is 4v4 plus goalies, 4 minutes running time & teams can only CHANGE ON THE FLY.

2. 2nd overtime is 3v3 plus goalies, 4 minutes running time & teams can only CHANGE ON THE FLY.

3. Any penalty in overtime is a penalty shot.

4. All overtimes are sudden death.

5. If no team scores during the 4v4 or 3v3 overtime then a shoot-out following NHL rules will be used to determine the winner.

** Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend the rules. **


Directions to Saranac Lake Civic Center

225 Ampersand Avenue

Saranac Lake, NY 12983

• Head west on RT 86 out of Lake Placid

• Once in Saranac Lake, at the "T" intersection make a LEFT onto River Street (there is no stop sign here)

At 2nd traffic light make a RIGHT onto Main Street

• At the "Y" stay LEFT down the hill

At 2nd traffic light make a LEFT onto Ampersand Ave

• Saranac Lake Civic Center will be on the right

*It will take you about 20 minutes to get to the rink from Lake Placid*


We are looking forward to a great weekend of hockey for the kids and hope that they have a lot of fun as the season comes to an end.


On behalf of the organizing committee we want to thank you for attending our tournament again this year.

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